Equipment Weapons

Conventional Guns

Anti-Material Carbine: The anti-material carbine is a heavy weapon carried almost exclusively by soldiers in powered armor. It fires a hefty 15mmCL round capable of punching holes in armored vehicles and other hardened targets.

TL: 9
Damage: 13d pi+
Acc: 5
Range: 1,500/6,000
Weight: 10 / 1.2
RoF: 6
Shots: 30(3)
ST: 11B
Bulk: -4
Cost: $5,000
CR: 1


Weapon Accessories

Cytherean Endless Ammo Clip

A Cytherean endless ammo clip resembles a normal ammo clip except that it is inscribed with pulsating runes and designs. Functionally, it never runs out of ammunition. Endless ammo clips fit only the specific gun for which they are designed and cost 400 x the price of a normal full clip of ammo of the type produced.

Cytherean Ammo Dispenser

A Cytherean ammo dispenser resembles an oversized Pez dispenser inscribed with runes, several buttons running down its side, and a variety of pivoting trendy heads on top. Using the ammo dispenser is simple. One need merely select an ammo type by pressing the corresponding button and then flip the head back to reveal one bullet of that type and caliber. A Cytherean ammo dispenser can produce a limited amount of ammunition per day in this manner. The limit is dependant on the individual dispenser and is measured in dollars of ammunition per day.

While it is possible for an ammo dispenser to produce multiple calibers of ammunition, such models are typically custom made. The standard ammo dispenser creates ammunition of a single caliber and different type. Naturally, the size of the caliber produced determines the size of the dispenser.

Cytherean ammo dispensers do not produce biochemical agents, nerve agents, toxins, or the like. It is virtually impossible to find an ammo dispenser that produces nuclear or antimatter warheads. Ammo dispensers can produce magical ammunition; pricing uses the price of the enchanted round, not the base round.

A Cytherean ammo dispenser costs $1,000 x the price of each type of ammunition it produces per $500 dollars of ammunition produced daily.

Equipment Weapons

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