Books Used: GURPS Ulltra-Tech; GURPS Space; GURPS Bio-Tech

Before the Martian attack, Earth was solidly a TL 11 society rumored to be experimenting with TL 12 technology. Today, it has been reduced to TL 9 breaking back into TL 10. Cytherea is TL 3+7 owing to its magitech. Martians are TL 10 with TL 11 military technology, and almost universally, Computer technology is one TL above standard. Luna and the orbital stations around Earth remain TL 10 with many TL 11 advances.

Members of a society may acquire higher-TL equipment through the right contacts for the right price or through adventure. Naturally, a rift may deposit a TL 12 inventor on Mars, but he would have a difficult time reproducing anything from his world with local technology. Just the same, an adventurer may discover an old TL 12^ weapon in the bombed-out ruins of Earth but will have difficulty keeping it in good repair and ammunition.

Typically, the price of an item is equal to List Price x 2 Item TL – Local TL. Thus, a TL 11 blaster costs double list price in a TL 10 locale while it costs half in a TL 12 locale. The price of an item will eventually rise again if it is considered an antique. A good still being manufactured will never cost less than the cost to manufacture it.

AI: AI have existed since TL 9 and do not require special computers to operate.

Countermagic Materials: Tritonium weapons and ammunition ignore all magical spells and defenses. Magical creatures, such as demons, dragons, and vampires, often have Vulnerability, Weakness, or Revulsion to it.. Tritonium ammunition costs 50 times normal costs; this stacks with other cost multipliers from specialty ammunition.

Field Jacketing: This is unknown technology.

Force Fields: These are solidly TL 12^. Stasis Webs, Hypertime Fields, and Tau Shields do not exist; see Parachronic Devices.

FTL Technology: This is unknown technology.

Gravity Manipulation: All items utilizing gravity manipulation cost 10x list price.

Magical Elixirs: Magic elixirs take many forms today. Pills, injections, aerosols—even chewing gum—can carry potent magic for any number of purposes. Healing pills are particularly popular among adventurers and are mass produced on Luna.

Mind Emulations: Perfect mind emulations exist and are rarely distinguishable from SAIs. The legalities surrounding perfect, fragment, and shadow mind emulations are many and varied.

Other common materials that have ill effects on xenonts include “cold iron” (iron), and silver. Most weres and some vampires or faeries have Vulnerability x4 to these.

Parachronic Devices: These do not exist. Time only works in one direction and is not traversable except in that direction.

Psionics: Psionics are very real, having been definitively proven by a Japanese scientist named Tomokichi Fukurai about half a century ago. Since then, it’s been found that while some people have a natural talent with psionics, to bring about any reliable, meaningfully useful power, psychic amplifiers must be used. This necessity has prevented psions from becoming particularly stigmatized in society. Only telepaths are feared, and Telepath Boosters are considered LC 0. Because a psychic booster can malfunction, break, or be stolen, the Psychic modifier is worth –20%. Reality Stabilizers: These do not function as written. Instead, they are magitech mana dampeners.

Reality-Manipulating Devices: These do not function as described. Since the solar system has become an ontological black hole, nothing can leave this dimension.


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